Poetic Woven Art

“This delicate textile piece shows an original approach to not only representing landscape but, in its tactility and intimate scale, evokes something of how it feels to experience nature, like a personal token.” *

My professional background is in arts publishing and exhibitions. My work involved a lot of visual research and curation. As a result, I have a huge store of imagery in my head – colours, textures, proportions, visions, sensations – which get distilled and feed into my woven pieces.

I have been working on 8 and 16-shaft looms since 2013. Discovering Sheila Hick’s ‘minimes’ set me free to sketch and paint with yarns and fibres. With the work of another favourite artist, Paul Klee, often at the back of my head, I now produce poetic pieces – ‘weavescapes’, as in ‘mindscapes’, ‘soundscapes’, ‘landscapes’ – for wall display. Many of them are delightfully 3-dimensional. I mount them in handmade glazed box frames made of oak. As I also love language, all my pieces have titles.

- Julia Engelhardt

*This quotation refers to my piece ‘Parkland I’. You can see ‘Parkland II’ in the same series on the my gallery page.  Paul Hobson chose it as ‘Best work in 3-D’ in the Art From the Heart Exhibition held by Zuleika Gallery online during Covid. 

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